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Dominated by the Cima di Grimaseta, culmen Town (1509m) and the Serra di Tenda, whose neck rises to 1219 meters in height made ​​this village has changed. There is a century three-quarters of the houses had flat roofs. Forges were deemed Pietralba. It manufactured a famous gun called Pietralbinca, but also bells for animals. Wheat and barley constituted local wealth. They then exchanged against oil Lama, chestnuts Castagniccia and potatoes Niolu. Located close to the Col de Sainte Marie, forced between the valley of Ostriconi and Tartagine passage Pietralba was from the beginning a strategic point defending the entrance and exit of the Canale and Balagne. (source: Office of Tourism Balagne)

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  • Pietralba

    Joli petit village pittoresque et typiquement Corse.. Nous y retournerons,ayant un pied à terre dans ce petit paradis..(merci la famille) Le tout en ayant fait connaissance avec des gens du village .

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