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Pino village

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Pino village

Pino extends its territory of 704 hectares (7 km ² ) from the sea to the crests of Monte Cupieta (756 m) and counts thirteen hamlets. Its population (177 inhabitants in 2009 INSEE data) is similar to the one in 1963. This is a significant rise compared to the 1972 population: 127 inhabitants . The massive decline has not engaged in the nineteenth century as in other villages but after the Second World War. In 1936 the census reported 545 residents. A century and a half earlier , in 1772, the population went down to 427. The number of "farmers and growers" were equal to the " men of the sea" (86) : a typical capcorsine reality which also attests to the maritime development of the town. The story of Pino is similar to other villages of the Cap Corse: lords changing the rhythm of alliances between Pisa and Genoa. Note two original elements in 1358, the people of the hamlets of low revolted against the lords installed hilltop in the hamlet of Barbalinca. They were killed and the village destroyed. It remains in the memories as "a strada di e croce " (the way of the cross) that still connects the two parts of the village. Then in 1621 it is a Piccioni (one of the great families of Pino ) who is appointed Lieutenant Governor in Corsica of the Republic of Genoa. Source Destination Cap Corse.

Pino village
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