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The village takes its name from the old Genoese bridge under which flows Fiumacci I, one of the arms of the river village. It opens all the hamlets and welcomes the spring, visitors with armfuls of hydrangeas that seem to spring gardens. Curbaresi the rising or descending must pass the Ponticello! "Here it is the duty" said a mocking resident, installed on a sidewalk overlooking the road. Once we stopped at Ponticello. There was a snack bar and a grocery store that closed in February 1976. Hamlet had a shoemaker (between 1905 and 1918) and a carpenter (until 1942) specializes in manufacturing ... coffins. The priests in charge of the parish of Pietracorbara housed in a stately home at the entrance of the village and it was there, in 1932, the priest Auguste Giuntini, depression, cut his throat. This is a hamlet while length: two rows of houses surround the main road. The set does not disharmony and gardens surrounding the houses are still full of resources. Beautiful trees will be observed in the direct scope of the hamlet: a cedar of Lebanon and a myrtle 30 years and Araucaria in the garden which is located in front of the road that goes to Orneto.

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Bastia and the Cap Corse
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