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Ancient village, between the Mount Sant'Angelo and the hill of Santa Susanna, a beautiful panorama, south on the mountains of the " Giunsani " and the flood barrier of Codole on the one hand, while the Ile Rousse and the coast off to the north, on the other hand . This village located 240 meters above sea level, covers an area of ​​1016 ha. 890 inhabitants, it consists of four hamlets : Poggio , Alzia , Palmento and Occiglioni ; its heritage is a parish church dedicated to Santa Reparata and classified as historical monument. Other religious buildings are worth visiting : the Chapel of St. Anne (1836), near the town hall, the Brotherhood of St. Anthony (17th century) , the Chapel of San Bernardino (17th century), on the road to Monticello, that of the Annunziata, in the hamlet of Palmento and Saint Roch chapel in the hamlet of Occiglioni . (source: Balagne tourist office )

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Santa Reparata di Balagna
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