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"The most Corsican town among the Corsican towns" said Prosper Mérimée. Sartène oberlooks the Gulf of Valinco and offers an exceptional view of the needles of Bavella. This "City of Art and History" where you will discover an urban and religious inheritage, a rich and natural diversity. Do not miss: the Santa Maria Assunta church, the town hall (former palace of the Genovese governors), the last vestige of the watchtower wall surrounding the city in the 15th century, the old town, the museum. Source Tourist Sartenais-Valinco Taravo.

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  • Sartène

    Très belle ville, typique. Avons particulièrement appréciés les "nocturnes du jeudi".

  • Sartène

    bergdorf mit engen gassen. kleiner markt am samstag. wenig parkplätze.

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