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The visit begins with Speloncato village itself is a place of refuge for thousands of years (we found there the Neolithic period furniture). It noted a characteristic defensive concern; archways, a maze of narrow streets with tall houses, there is little time to come, did not have windows on the ground floor. At the top of the village, dominated by the neighborhood of Cima, we admire the views extending across the plain to the sea Regino this place once stood a castle, built in the X century. We note off to the West, "Petra Tafunata" the pierced rock through which the sun rises at sunset, shortly after the spring equinox and shortly before the fall. (tourist office Balagne)

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  • Speloncato

    Magnifique petit village,avec une particularite:le trou dans un rocher ou l on peut distinguer le soleil lorsqu il se couche.demandez à l épicière de vous faire voir les photo....superbe

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