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Hung for centuries in their rocky outcrop, Ville di Paraso and its four hamlets ( Rustu , Olivacce , Querci , San Roccu ) , secular and majestic trees are planted. The sunlight dimmed by pines , cypresses, cedars of Lebanon, palm, olive and eucalyptus wrapped in a Tuscan village light, soft and golden. The feeling of eternity arouses the village has inspired many artists among the most famous ... the painter Utrillo immortalized in a display at the Prado Museum in Madrid work , the parish Church of San Simone , Baroque and its beautiful bell tower. Next to the church , the former Brotherhood decorated in the last century by Italian artists now houses exhibitions of contemporary art . The visitor will also be fascinated by the monumental tombs that stand near the church , especially those families Filippi, Taddei and Malaspina , as well as private chapels which reflect the rich past of the great families, and Malaspina Baccelieri in particular. The village also has stately homes including the old , closed, Mr. Orsolani and those of the Filippi, Monti- Rossi, and Simonetti - Malaspina . Remains of the old life , and the Fontaines Conalellu Funtanaccia , the old washhouse and some bread ovens are still visible in the village. Outside, on the old Roman road , the prehistoric site Mutola , the remains of the Sanctuary of Santa Vena built on the ruins of a Roman temple, the remains of the Romanesque church of San Giovanni , the Castello of " Signora dell'Onda " and primitive village Cavalaracce , is a fabulous heritage. (source : Office of Tourism Balagne )

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