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Cervione is a small town clinging like an amphitheater on the slopes of Monte Castellu which rises up to 1109 m. The village is situated between 350 and 400 metres high and extends up to Prunete Beach. Cervione therefore combines the pleasures of the seaside and the mountains. Place full of history Cervione can boast of having hosted two characters that played a significant role in Corsican history: Theodore of Corsica, baron, adventurer and King of Corsica, he made Cervione the capital of Corsica and Alexander Sauli Bishop of Aleria. Discover: The church of Saint Erasmus. Museum of ADECEC. Tower Prunete. St. Francis Convent. The Scupiccia. Source: Tourist Office in Costa Verde

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  • Cervione

    Très beau village. Avant d'y arriver nous nous sommes arrêtés à la cascade juste avant. La route de la corniche est très sympa avec des vues magnifiques sur la côte.

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