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Ark Corte (Scandulaghja)

Hiking & walking | Centre-Corse
Ark Corte (Scandulaghja)

Start from: Corté Do not embark on the path of Tavignanu but rise above past a residence to reach a small stone shelter. Continue north and cross a second peak. Arriving in a chestnut then in a pine forest to 1000 m altitude. Ride in a southwesterly direction, reaching a neck side point 1,145 m. On the left you can see a cross on top of a rock. The route continues north altitudes between 1100 m and 1200 m. Exceed a rocky point (alt. 1293 m) and fit right into some scree to gain a small pass. From there, turn right and continue north-west and west. It still takes 40 minutes between 1400 and 1500 m to win the Ark (total Elevation: 1000m).. Orange marking

Ark Corte (Scandulaghja)
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The centre of the island
Neighborhood: Centre-Corse
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