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Hiking "joëlette" Pozzines Cuscione

Hiking & walking | Alta Rocca
Hiking "joëlette" Pozzines Cuscione

Hiking with a joëlette organised by Trekors: The beautiful pozzines of Cuscionu and its sheep houses: lawns with water holes, grazing places of summer pastures and rare endemic flowers (including Aconite of Corsica), view the highest peaks of Corsica through a chaos of granite balls, immersion in a place of complete tranquility, an extraordinary human adventure with the discovery of a strange machine: the Joëlette invented by a mountain guide Joël Claudel, who wanted to continue to take his nephew Stéphane who is affected with myopathy disease. This transport device has only one wheel and this allows it to sneak into the paths. The seat, adapted to the disability, is on top of the wheel. Stretchers to the front and rear allow the vehicle to roll and to carry it if necessary. Price: from 30 euros per person (+7 euros with the picnic) Dates: 1st March to 15th December Group: 6 to 14 people

Hiking "joëlette" Pozzines Cuscione
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