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San Pedrone

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San Pedrone

Hiking U San Petrone Hiking recommended by a local: Raymond from Bastia The most beautiful and the highest peak of Castagniccia that dominates to 1767 meters of altitude. Its Panorama is exceptional! To deserve this unique moment, it is necessary to walk 2 hours and a half, from the Pass of Pratu (985 meters) that can be reached either by the village of Piédicroce, East or Morosaglia, west through the D71. At the pass, take the track South-west. At the end of 1Km (approx) neglect the path that goes up to the left which goes up to the Chapel of San Petru d'Accia (historical below) to continue always in the same direction amidst pine and chestnut trees. 1107 meters high, a large cairn indicates the good path that goes up to the left. From here, the chestnut trees give way to a large beech forest. After 2 hours of walking, a beautiful green plateau, take some time to rest before climbing the rock face for the last half hour. Finally, the promised reward is revealed by admiring these magnificent landscapes. A little away from the top is a wrought iron cross with a carved statue of San Petru. Geology At 1767m, ancient volcanic rocks, which cooled about 150 million years ago at the bottom of an ocean that was probably more than 2000 meters deep, History Pre-Romanesque chapel of San Pedru d'Accia close to the route of the Col de Pratu. In 596, Pope Gregory the Great asked the Bishop of Aleria to evangelize the interior of Corsica and build 6 bishoprics, including that of Accia. The church of St Peter (San Pedru) was on the side of Monte San Pedrone, in the municipality of Quercitellu where you can see its ruins. Heritage If you go through Morosaglia, you can visit the house of Pasquale Paoli (hamlet of La Stretta), transformed into a Museum. It shelters the ashes of Pascal Paoli since 1889. Pascal (Pasquale in Corsica) Paoli, established the 1st Modern Republic of Europe (Independence of Corsica from 1755 to 1769). Difficulty: only for experienced walkers!!! Duration: 5 hours (Round trip) Difference in altitude: 800 metres Length: 12 kms (env) Markings: red and cairns

San Pedrone
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