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The hamlets of Sisco

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The hamlets of Sisco

The hamlets of Sisco Recommended by a local: Raymond from Bastia Loop from Moline (I mulini) and crossing the hamlets of Balba, Barrigioni, Cipronascu, Teghie, Partine, Ficaja and back to Moline. The departure is on the square of Moline (take the small road just before the turn where the Bar is) HISTORY Sisco was for a long time the place of struggles between the Lords of Brando and Canari, before being conquered by the "De Gentile", Nobility of Castellu Brando from the 9th to the 18th century. Then the village was under the Genovese power in 1625 and later joined Pascal Paoli. In 1768 the French Administration took possession of it. Sisco was until the 19th century an active industrial and agricultural centre with exports to Tuscany. Large producers of onions were nicknamed "the Cippuli". The Patrimony of Sisco is very rich through its 18 hamlets like the reliquary of Christà the church St Martin classified in 1930. The Palazzi (palace) of the Americans. Large Buildings built by Cap-Corsins to make a fortune in America (especially in Venezuela and Puerto Rico) or elsewhere. The house and the tomb are for these emigrants, the first two external signs of wealth. These houses enjoy the best comfort at the time. Some of them like the Villa St Pierre (built according to Bolívar's opera in Caracas) reproduce the plan of Latin American houses. The trail is well signposted (orange) Duration: 2h30 walk to do the 3.5kms Difference in altitude: 300m (approx) Easy walk Advice: hiking shoes

The hamlets of Sisco
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