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Walk in Sant' Antoninu

Hiking & walking | Calvi-Balagne
Walk in Sant' Antoninu

A walk in Sant 'AntuninuWalk recommended by Raymond from Bastia Departure: Car park of the Convent of Corbara (Founded in 1456). Find the signpost on the wall at the top right of the car park. After about 400m and after a barrier, continue leaving a path going down on the right and follow the trail to Sant' Antuninu. After visiting the village and its alleys, look for a nice picnic location. After this break, take the same road then go towards the path on the left in direction of the cemetery. Go down admiring the landscape to reach the Convent car park. History of the village This village is one of the most beautiful village in France. It is also said that it is the oldest in Corsica. It was founded in the 9th century by Guido Savelli lieutenant of the Roman Ugo Colonna who operated the reconquest of Corsica. Family of warriors, the Savelli "Caporali" of Sant 'Antuninu illustrated during the Genoese occupation in the 15th century. They received the Genoese allies, and then slaughtered them after a banquet. Similarly, during the siege of Calvi, a Savelli refused to return to the village, even after seeing his son being slaughtered in front of him. The village has kept its medieval architecture and some fortifications. Below, the Parish Church of the Annonciade (12th century) houses a very beautiful organ signed Battista Pompost di Pistoia. Family Friendly Level: easy Difference in altitude: 250m (approx) Duration: 2h30 (approx)

Walk in Sant' Antoninu
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