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Baracci Canyon

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Baracci Canyon

Situated in Propriano, an hour of Ajaccio is the Canyon Baracci where Cors'aventure offers a unique and typical descent. This canyon is accessible from 7 years old and will allow you to taste the joys of natural slides, jumps and unusual aquatic walking. Each step is not compulsory and can satisfy everyone. The qualified instructors will be there to support you in this fabulous discovery. They equip you with a wetsuit, a helmet and a harness. There is no walk of approach and descent of the canyon takes about 2 hours. The walk back is 20 minutes. For this adventure, Cors'Aventure gives you appointment at the Total gas station at the entrance of Propriano. The place of appointment and the time will be reconfirmed when booking. 1 hour and 30 minutes drive from Ajaccio and 20 minutes from Propriano.

Baracci Canyon
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