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Station "Aregno" The most beautiful villages of Balagne

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Station "Aregno" The most beautiful villages of Balagne

Corbara: Corbara is one of the oldest villages in the region of Balagne, founded in 816. Hamlets spread majestically over the hills of Mount Guido, the Borgu and Pietralta at the foot of Mount Sant'Angelo, in a "Moorish" architecture, consisting of beautiful houses, streets and alleys, archways of squares, fountains and wash houses, chapels, feudal ruins of a fort became chapels, a set of two Baroque religious buildings (the Collegiate Church of the Annunciation and the Brotherhood of Saint Anthony Abbot). A mile from the village stands the imposing monastery, Saint Dominic Convent, founded in 1418, overlooking the valley of Latiu and the Baroque church of Our Lady of Latiu, bordering the village of Pigna. Pigna: On the heights of the inner Balagne, here the region of medieval villages clinging to rocky outcrops as eagle nests. Pigna (260 m), overlooking the valley of the Nervia, is part of one of them. It is in this village with houses blondes and blue shutters need to halt. Indeed, it is Pigna What started, in 1964, Corsicada, cooperative association has undertaken not only to revive the old crafts, but also innovate craft material. It has a community of artisans and musicians and it was completely restored in the old masons are reappropriated techniques: clay combined with the tuff. Aregno:  Building Aregno stretches between the sea and the mountain orange village who devotes a large party, lemon and olive trees. Visit: Romanesque Chapel of Trinity XI whose granite blocks constituting the facade are three different colors: beige symbolizes the Father, the Son, green, and red the Holy Spirit. Primitive sculptures adorn the exterior facades.   Sant 'Antonino: Built in the ninth century, this village is one of the oldest in Corsica. Located 500 m. altitude and due to its construction eyrie, it dominates and observes the entire 360 ​​° Balagne. Its medieval architecture and cobblestone streets of the ancient stones rank among the most beautiful villages of France.

Station "Aregno" The most beautiful villages of Balagne
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