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Station "Ile Rousse" Pasquale Paoli, a symbol

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Station "Ile Rousse" Pasquale Paoli, a symbol

Lost in constitutional matters, champion of freedom recognized Enlightenment by JJ Rousseau, eg future American revolutionary model of the young Bonaparte, General Washington precursor reference ... History will nevertheless now recognizes that the rank of historical character Regional Pascal Paoli. Today, no book of constitutional law does not mention the fact that Paoli wrote 1755 a written constitution proclaiming the sovereignty of the people, establishing a separation of power between the legislative and the executive. These advances were greeted by the brilliant minds of the time as Jean Jacques Rousseaux and enlightened rulers such as Catherine II. Later, the French revolutionaries, Paoli receiving the Constituent Assembly during his exile in London, salute this political experience. It is no exaggeration to say that Paoli should find a place in history as important as that of Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, La Fayette, and other champions of freedom which also cruises on their way this general Corsica. Pascal Paoli does not belong to the history of Corsica it is the universal history of freedom. He remains so popular in the eyes of Corsicans after all these years, is that he was a statesman who is well past his homeland before his own good. This was well described by the writer James Boswell in his return from Corsica in 1765.

Station "Ile Rousse" Pasquale Paoli, a symbol
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