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Station "Novella": The desert of the Agriates

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Station "Novella": The desert of the Agriates

The Agriates desert extends over 15,000 hectares, hills, valleys and snowy peaks, facing the sea and the Cap Corse. The arid landscape of maquis and granite carved by the sea air, softens closer to the shores with its sandy beaches and green marshes. These lands, hastily qualified the "desert Agriate" were feeder for centuries: it was called the breadbasket of Corsica as the Republic of Genoa was used to cultivate and nourish the population. The highest point is Monte Genova at 418m altitude. Today these lands resist trivialization of coastal tourism and keeps a very wild character. The vegetation is adapted to local climatic conditions: the bush with arbutus, heather, myrtle, cistus, mastic trees, oaks, olive trees, pines ... The desert Agriate is preserved by the Conservatory of the Littoral.

Station "Novella": The desert of the Agriates
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