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Station Ajaccio Napoleon, Emperor of the French

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Station Ajaccio Napoleon, Emperor of the French

ambiguous historical figure Napoleon disturbs and fascinates. First Consul and Emperor, military genius and builder, he ruled despotically Europe and contributed to the modernization of nations, led by France. Born in Ajaccio in Corsica, Napoleon Bonaparte joined the continent to attend military school. In 1789, the Revolution broke out. Bonaparte took part and observed in 1793 during the siege of Toulon against the English. In March 1796 he married Josephine de Beauharnais. It creates among others the Banque de France in 1801 and the Civil Code in 1804. On August 2, 1802, Napoleon Bonaparte, at the height of its popularity, was elected consul for life. Two years later, May 18, 1804, Napoleon Bonaparte is proclaimed Emperor of the French and took the name of Napoleon 1st. He was consecrated on December 2 by Pope Pius VII in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris. In his will in 1821, Napoleon declared: "I want my ashes remain on the banks of the Seine in the midst of the French people that I loved so much." At his death, he was buried at St. Helena. In 1840, at the request of King Louis Philippe, Napoleon's body was repatriated and placed triumphantly at the Invalides in Paris.

Station Ajaccio Napoleon, Emperor of the French
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