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Station Lumio : Famous Corsican

Train tour | Calvi-Balagne
Station Lumio : Famous Corsican

Corsicans are very caring with the stars, which also make their own good. In recent years, celebrity homes sprouting like mushrooms along the coast. More beautiful and bigger as each other. Singers, entertainers, advertisers, publishers, ministers, captains of industry ... and they are a few hundred of the Paris to have settled in Corsica to enjoy the calm and voluptuousness of the island. And also the hospitality of its inhabitants. Politicians have rather set their sights on the Cap Corse and Saint-Florent, artists on Balagne, and the cream of communication and industry, on the south of Porto-Vecchio to Bonifacio. Balagne at random a walk, you can get over the house of Jacques Dutronc, clinging to the heights of the village of Monticello with stunning views of the bay, or the residence of Guy Bedos, almost resting on the beach. Side Porto-Vecchio and Bonifacio, you can find houses "feet in water" actors Christian Clavier and Daniel Auteuil. However, further inland, not far needles Bavella, it will be very difficult to find the house of the host Nicolas Hulot, lost in the middle of the forest.

Station Lumio : Famous Corsican
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