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Station Ostriconi-Palasca :Caption Biscia Ostriconi

Train tour | L'Île-Rousse - Balagne
Station Ostriconi-Palasca :Caption Biscia Ostriconi

On Palasca church’s façade, there is a sculpture of a snake which refers to the terrible and very famous legend of the Biscia. You can read about this legend in “Corsican stories and legends” a book written by Jean-Claude Rogliano, a regionalist writer. This legend says that a long time ago a monster was living in the ponds close to the village. Every time the church of Santa Maria Assunta’s bells were ringing, the monster was going mad and was killing everybody who was crossing his path. Unfortunately for the villagers, the lords did not want to confront the beast except one: San Colombano. After a long fight in the church, San Colombano finally killed the monster but his blood was poisoned so San Colombany died as well. Sad that their hero died, while trying to save them, the villagers rose up against the other lords who always refused to help them. Because of those conflicts, the region was abandoned.

Station Ostriconi-Palasca :Caption Biscia Ostriconi
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