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Station St Restitude: Beliefs, medicines and white magic

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Station St Restitude: Beliefs, medicines and white magic

Through the centuries, the oral tradition has perpetuated the myth of the strange and wonderful. The memory of the Corsicans, steeped in history and culture, has been passed from generation to generation until the time not very distant.   Every village, every hamlet has its church. Front of the church there usually a tree, an oak, a chestnut tree, an olive, sometimes a lime, but never drown because his shadow is bad: "Do not sleep under a walnut tree!" advises saying. Accustomed to living in a world of silence and solitude in their villages where not going any road, shepherds were brought to the mysterious. They read the future in the eggs, in the scapula of a sacrificed lamb, believed in evil spirits, these Steghe (witches) who took the appearance of old women knew or become invisible to enter the night the houses to drink the blood of small children. They firmly believed in Acciatori these invisible spirits, to turn a corner, armed with an ax, threw themselves on passers-by and were cracking their skulls. They believed in omens they guessed the flight of birds, the appearance of the sky, the animals' behavior. They saw Spiriti (spirits) and scroll procession reciting the rosary before the door of the dying, heard the drumbeats announcing impending death ... Religion mingled with the worst superstitions.

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