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Station: "Davia " Marine and small ports

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Station: "Davia " Marine and small ports

Records show that it was in the Middle Ages it must go back to find a trace of the first fishing communities in the Mediterranean (Marseilles and Toulon). Officially entered the French law in 1481 (during the reign of Louis XI) and then deleted the Revolution prud'homies fishermen have found legal recognition in the nineteenth century (1859) through an imperial decree regulating fishing in this area maritime, and delegating such authority to investigate and record all offenses relating to the practice of this activity. It was not until the mid-twentieth century that prud'homies have somehow lost their prerogatives, through interpretations of texts to restrict their powers. If they only had a very short life on other parts of the French coast, prud'homies fishermen remain omnipresent in the Mediterranean, where they number 36 currently in effect. Corsican guides: 1801: creation, Bastia, Corsica prud'homies the first fishermen. Its jurisdiction extends over the maritime space between Miomo (Genoese tower) and the southern boundary of Ghisonaccia (Palo pond). 1821: King Louis XVIII confirms the power of this probity, specifying its prerogatives and management world. 1869 sees the probity of Ajaccio in turn day. At the same time, operation and regulation of these structures are experiencing changes that strengthen their power. The 1952 probity Bastia been an extension on the west coast of Centuri to Ajaccio limit. 1971: the southern section of the probity of Ajaccio and the western section of the probity of Bastia become prud'homies full headquartered Bonifacio and Calvi. 1993 State redefines the new boundaries of all prud'homies Mediterranean. And those of Bastia are extended to the Solenzara River.

Station: "Davia " Marine and small ports
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Marine de Davia

Neighborhood: L'Île-Rousse - Balagne
Nearby Places Station: "Davia " Marine and small ports

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