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A Cantina di L'Orriu

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A Cantina di l'Orriu is both a wine bar and a gourmet restaurant. You can enjoy a re-visited Corsican cuisine, around farm products of high quality. You can enjoy charcuterie from the farm made from black pigs, "Porcu Nustrale", but also, stuffed eggplant from the famous Bonifacio recipe, homemade terrines and onion chutney, stuffed pig, and desserts such as delight nucciola, to die for! You will not be disappointed by the selection of the best Corsican wines. In the evening, A Cantina is the queen of parties! Room feel mingles with the pedestrian bustle of the old town, and the festive emulation moved quickly around the bar and terraces. A Cantina is the ideal place to drink an aperitive. And if you like to take a piece of Corsican home, you can buy local products at the shop next door.

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  • A Cantina di L'Orriu

    Produits corses de très bonne qualité, merveilleux choix de vin. Pour déjeuner ou dîner dans la cour au calme à l'arrière du resto

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A Cantina di L'Orriu
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Neighborhood: Sud Corse
Telephone: +33 4 95259589
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