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A Rusta

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A Rusta, offers a varied menu where you will find delicious pizzas, salads, meat (always good quality). Corsican specialities: figatellu (grilled Corsican sausage) & cheese fritters. Seafood, enjoy mussels and fish. Taste the desserts, even if you're full! With your meal, the wine list has some of the best wines of the island. Add to that a smile and impeccable service! A Rusta is also a bar for breakfast, cold drinks as well as cocktails and ice cream. Lunch €12.50 one course + dessert. Children's menu €10.50. Credit card accepted

A Rusta
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Résidence l'Aiglon

The East coast
Neighborhood: Castagniccia-Casinca
Telephone: +33 4 95368095
Website: Visit the website
tue to sunFrom 12:00AM to 12:00AM
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