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Aleria. Take the turnoff to the sea and you'll discover the Domaine de Padulone. In an enchanting 200 meters from the shore, lying on a sand dune stands the farmhouse of the grain and vineyard renovated in 2012 by Jeanne-Marie and Christophe. The rehabilitation of the former stables, which once housed the horses of the great-grandfather of Jeanne-Marie, is the realization of a long-standing project. Spouses Vincentelli deal vines operations, vineyards present at Padulone for 300 years! But in 2000, they expanded their business and bought a herd of cattle. Full of ideas, they wanted to associate a friendly space where local products could be promoted. Neighbouring farmers join the initiative: the land grazing benefit lamb and pig; friends fishermen regularly deliver fresh fish to the farmhouse, and the shepherds their cheese. "All the real action of the Farm is in sharing. I want to showcase the expertise and efforts of small producers. I adorn everything with a few vegetables from my personal garden! ". Jeanne-Marie confessed that she has overcome her shyness through her work at the Stable: "The work of the land requires an intense pace but, in parallel, fun to share, discover and taste the local products is terribly rewarding! ". Closed from the 15th of December until the 15th of March. Booking by phone only.

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  • L'écurie ferme auberge

    Bon adresse, a recommander à vos amis Les cotes d'agneau en persillade sont à tomber Pour les gros mangeurs, les assiettes sont copieuses Les patrons sont de plus sympas

  • L'écurie ferme auberge

    Cadre magnifique à l'extérieur comme à l'intérieur. La carte a un choix exceptionnel, le service est chaleureux et rapide et les assiettes sont superbes et les cuissons sont parfaites.

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L'écurie ferme auberge
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