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Girded with Olives, Monticello illustrates the old adage saying Balagne as the granary of Corsica. Thanks to its favorable microclimate and its proximity to the sea, the region was an economic hub . The location of the ancient castle of Ortica ( 12th century) , whose ruins attest the former grandeur , gives a more precise idea of ​​the importance of the village at that time when the coastal town of Ile Rousse n ' was not . The town therefore has a past and can still see many monuments , chapels, ruins and archaeological sites, confirming its role in the history of Corsica . Belonging to a tourist region today , Monticello scored a harmonious marriage between development and peace room . Indeed, while remaining close to the city center which is the Île Rousse , a distance of 4 km , the town was able to retain the benefits of rurality. With powerful sports facilities, it offers many activities from boating minigolf through equestrian and tennis , not to mention hiking or mountain biking. (source: Tourism Office Balagne )

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  • Monticello

    Très beau village doté d une magnifique vue mer et montagne au sommet du centre sportif saint francois

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