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Station Dolce Vita: GR20

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The history of the GR20 hiking trail high corse is intimately linked to the seventy years which are to Corsica pivotal years of regionalist claims, environmental and cultural. It was during this period that will be born the Regional Natural Park of Corsica 15 May 1972 This creation was to overcome desertification and villages of the interior of the island in general. The goal was the development of the ancient transhumance routes between villages or to revive the summer pasture grazing, but also the development of what today is called ecotourism. The project of a high road across Corsica from north to south by the massive main island is led by Michel Fabrickant, love mountaineer Corsica. It is to him that we owe the first route of the GR20 in 1972, closely following the creation of the Park. Then came the gradual creation of mountain huts. The GR20 was originally designed in a sporting spirit, Spartan with little comfort, is practicing independently. He spoke for a long time for an informed public mountaineers capable of carrying bags exceeding 25 pounds. The refreshments were made in villages and had to go down to the valleys. Shelters were managed by the Regional Park and its agents. The sale of food was forbidden.

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Station Dolce Vita: GR20
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