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Station Regino: The flora in Corsica

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Station Regino: The flora in Corsica

Corsica is a profoundly original bio-geographical entity within the Mediterranean region, explained by its paleogeographic very mixed history, its isolation, the heterogeneity and diversity of habitats over short distances. Corsica and integrated within a particular province, the Province "Corsica, Sardinia, Tuscan Islands", defined on the basis of the presence of a large contingent of endemic plants, that is to say, distribution World very limited. Corsican plant endemism is approximately 280 species and sub-species, 140 of which are only located in Corsica, and 80 present in both Corsica and Sardinia. Sign of this great phytogeographical originality, Corsican flora consists of five monospecific genera (Castroviejoa, Morisia, Nananthea, Naufraga, Soleirolia) and many endemic plants of Tertiary origin (paléoendémiques). So Corsica is a major area for the persistence of species and lineages, but also an area where evolutionary processes more recent speciation are particularly marked.

Station Regino: The flora in Corsica
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