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The governors' palace

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The Palace of the Governors was built from a tower, built in 1380 by a Genovese lord, Leonello Lomellino. This tower, Bastia, who gave its name to the city, was located at a strategic location on the main cove of Porto Cardo (Old Port of Bastia) and it was quickly transformed into a little castle in order to defend the town. The building was changed into a palace during the sixteenth century. In 1768, Genoa gave Corsica to France, the Supreme Council, the law man set up by Louis XV, based in the premises until the Revolution. It was then replaced by the British administrators that will transform the local barracks. The return of the French in 1796, made this a military building,under the Third Republic and was named the "Watrin barracks." In 1943, it was partly destroyed by a german bomb. Abandoned by the army, it became a private State estate, it was classified as a historical monument in 1977. Since 1986, it is owned by the City of Bastia. Bastia Tourist Office

The governors' palace
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