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On the coast north of Macinaggio, the prehistoric site of Coscia houses the oldest traces of settlement in the Paleolithic Corsica. In ancient Roma, port was the Tamina, at the mouth of Fiume di Jioielli (or Gioielli) north where was built the port of Macinaggio. The old fishing port and trade was one of the ports of Corsica's most active time of sailing ships, until the nineteenth century. From June 1748 to 1753, the port is occupied by French troops which endows it with a dike of stones and wood. The port will be besieged by Paoli from 1760 to 1764 but remains Genovese until 1765. From the sixteenth century to the nineteenth century, Macinaggio is protected by its tower. In 1761, after a year of siege, the tower will be taken by Pascal Paoli. There is no remaininf of it. In 1859, Macinaggio is connected by a road to Bastia. Around 1874, Macinaggio was successful with sailing boats. Today, the marina, is the first of Cap Corse, with 600 rings, and faces the Tuscan coast and the islands of Capraia and Elba. Macinaggio attracts a lot of tourists in summer time. At the Maison du Port are registered finds of archaeological sites.

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