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This town is full of historic and architectural treasures. The first of these treasures is undoubtedly the church of the XII century Saint Michel located at the entrance of the village. This building, a historical monument of 1875, is distinguished by its multicolored slabs of schist and granite. In the fourteenth it was adorned with monumental paintings . It was noticed in 1840 by Prosper Mérimée noting its good state of preservation and considered one of the most beautiful churches on the island . At the heart of the village you will also find the Church of the Annunciation. Inside the rooms carved and a painting of St Mary Magdalene, the sixteenth century Venetian painting . Muratu also holds a special place in the heart of Corsica, since its struggle for independence in the middle of the eighteenth century, Pascal Paoli established there for some time his headquarters and minted coins of the national currency, currency copper and silver arms of the Kingdom of Corsica. Today the town remains essential for its producers of "charcuterie" and chestnut flour . Tourist Office of St Florent .

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Bastia and the Cap Corse
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