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The Golo & Cap Sud beach

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The Golo & Cap Sud beach

The site south of the mouth of Golo includes "pit Ciavattone" oxbow Golo, which is fed to the west by two small streams. Both wetlands are bordered by phragmitaies, reedbeds dominated by phragmites. The space between the Golo river and Ciavattone is dominated by farmland and a mixed stand of tamarisk and willow warblers. Further south between pit Ciavattone and "Camp Cap Sud" there is a marshy alder. On the beach a few remaining junipers bur. Near the "Camp Cap Sud" are dominated by eucalyptus plantations. On the beach, we can notice some junipers bur. (source: Office of Tourism Costa Verde)

The Golo & Cap Sud beach
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