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The lion of Roccapina

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Halfway between Sartène and Bonifacio, the lion Roccapina , beautiful natural sculpture, seems to watch over the bay and the Genoese tower that domine.Comme in various parts of island coastline, wind, mist , rain and dug carved pink granite sometimes creating real monumental sculptures representing humans or animals . On-site Roccapina , beautiful little bay on the coast of West Senetosa between Bonifacio and can be seen as a man's face , especially an elephant and a magnificent lion head with his spine , his mane and profile Royal . The noble animal guard tower Roccapina and dominates a beautiful white sand beach . Legend has it that time of the Saracens, a gentleman of great courage lived there . The Barbary lion had nicknamed Roccapina . One day he was hunting there, the Lord met a young woman he fell in love but could not marry . So desperate, he invoked the death and he was petrified under the guise of a lion. Source Tourist Sartenais - Valinco Taravo .

The lion of Roccapina
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